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And to see she was still using it in season 4, in her fancy club no less, is definitely endearing.Whenever an iconic show or film wraps, a lot of times actors and actresses will take props from the set for sentimental reasons.So here are the 32 Things Only Superfans Knew About Jim And Pam's Relationship.Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski were so incredible as Jim and Pam that it is very difficult to imagine any other actors in those roles other than them. The creator of the show, Greg Daniels, had, at first, a much different vision of them in his head.That is a seriously sentimental souvenir to take and it’s also very nice to see that There have been countless shows over the past several decades that have had to either adjust or improvise when an actress on the program suddenly becomes pregnant.This means they have to either hide the pregnancy with ridiculous props or they simply write it into the storyline.

It's not often that things work out so perfectly for a pregnant actress like that, but it was a happy accident, indeed.

And while we all love Michael Scott's antics, the feuding between Jim and Dwight, and even Toby being his Toby self, there's one thing about the show that always had people coming back to watch it every week. This was the case even before they were a "real" couple. Throughout the entire series, there were so many endearing moments they shared, and times where Jim was the romantic partner we all hoped to find one day.

Their chemistry was enthralling, their flirtatious nature was charming, and the tension between the two was unmistakable. Since then, we still reminisce or even rewatch, the best scenes between the two that occurred during the entirety of the show.

Lucky for Jenna, the writers were already planning on Pam becoming pregnant again, and her own real-life pregnancy just coincided perfectly.

That doesn’t always work out for actresses in such a seamless way, but this was just the best scenario for her, and the show, to have happened.

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The thing is, Pam went on to wear it for the rest of the series, which, of course she did, but that's not where the story ends.

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