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Jay sean and ashley tisdale dating

Season 4 New Characters: Taylor Swift: Vanessa’s cousin who comes to visit.

I've recently reverted some edits in this article since I found irrevlevant material to the page like box office results and view counts.

For example: HSM2 was the most watched TV movie in a night, while HSM3 has the biggest opening for a musical film.Although I agree listing commercial reception for movies in which Tisdale played a minor role is unnecessary, star appeal is a major factor in movies.I'm guessing that at least half the kids who watched the first HSM movie knew "Ashley Tisdale from Suite Life" would be in it, and I think the result of her first major film (Aliens in the Attic) is notable. In any case, if your mother is Jewish, you are 100% Jew. Even if the father was a black muslim she'd still be Jewish.If she goes on to star in hundreds of movies, I don't think listing the commercial outcomes is necessary. When applying reform Jewish law, it doesn't make sense to say she is simply Jewish on a mother's side, as if that is the underlying quality that makes her Jewish. So, in light of this, I think we should axe the "Tisdale is Jewish on her mother's side" and simply state she is Jewish.Also, I broke your (Kikko) comment into separate lines, because, one, it was formatted that way in edit mode and I guessed you wanted it to appear that way, and, two, it makes it easier to navigate. I think the bio needs a little work: "Tisdale is Jewish on her mother's side and considers herself Jewish." There is an obvious misconception about ethnic Jews. If, for instance, her father was Jewish, would she no longer be Jewish? Or, if someone can find a source, say "Tisdale is Jewish but does not consider herself religious", or "Tisdale is Jewish and openly embraces its cultural and religious qualities".

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