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Just a few years ago, Frankivsk resembled an unfinished color album, where the restored bright center of the city had a lot of small impregnations of the "monochrome" Soviet past.

Today, a brave artist, taking a large brush, full of colors, completes the image of this gingerbread town full of hotels, good restaurants and developed infrastructure.

The airport itself is 10 km south of the city center, which can be reached in half an hour by buses.

The climate of Ivano-Frankivsk is moderately continental with an admixture of Alpine to the Carpathian mountain ranges from here it's not so far away.

The winter is quite mild (the average January temperature is -4 to -5,5 ° C), the summer is warm (July 18-19 ° C).

Another nearest major international airport is in Lviv. Travel Guide For Foreigners Also you can get to Ivano-Frankivsk be train.

The train station of the city arrives three trains a day from Kiev (from 150 UAH, 12 hours) and two from Lviv (from 50 UAH, 4-7 hours), and also from Uzhgorod.

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Independence – is the key point of Ivano-Frankivsk women.

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