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I thought we agreed you were going to leave it on just in case”. As the scene continues we see Gus with a questioning look on his face. Shawn: “He hasn’t taken anyone yet this is a warning of an intended kidnapping.”. Jules: “We had dinner alone last night it was the first and only time, and he must have been watching the Psych office”.

Chief: “Yes and Miss Lytar called apparently your phone was off again. Watson here ( gesturing toward Gus) that if we don’t get a break in finding more clues we can tie to a specific individual from what we already know our next move is going to depend on Mr. Now as if on cue which he clearly is Buzz Mc Nabb walks in. He lays a large envelope on the Chief’s desk with a Yin Yang symbol showing. Chief: “T’was way to easy for you to locate Miss Lytar, this time But when a loved ones life hangs in the balance you’ll need guidance from above”. Chief: “Fine but what did you mean he must be following you like Tremell was”. The Chief is in her own car’s trunk in a hospital parking lot.

He likes the limelight and prides himself on being witty, outgoing, and able to talk his way out of most situations. currently dating Juliet O'Hara, a Santa Barbara PD detective, whom he has been pining over since he first opened his agency. keeping the hoax going that he is an actual psychic.

She initially was not attracted to Shawn due to his boastful and sarcastic behavior, but eventually came around because of his charm and undeniable crime-solving skills. Originally the SBPD accused Shawn of being a criminal because he knew the details of so many crimes.

This week's "Right Turn or Left for Dead" saw the consequences of his lie play out when Shawn is asked to move out and give her some space. His father began teaching him about detective work when Shawn was just 7 years old. Shawn claims to use psychic powers to solve cases but really just has an incredibly keen sense of observation, honed by endless drilling by his dad during his childhood, and an eidetic (photographic) memory. His dad was a detective and his mom worked as a police psychiatrist. But he spends most of his time with his childhood friend and business partner, Gus. co-owner (with Gus) of the detective agency "Psych,” where Shawn serves as a freelance consultant to the Santa Barbara Police Department and a private detective. Lassiter: “This morning the battery must have been out because O’Hara was unable to locate you with the GPS on your phone. Jules: “He must have been changing batteries when I checked”. Forensics was unable to find anything at the cave and the car they past on the way to the cave has not been seen. Gus: “If you weren’t with Abigail last night where were you? Shawn: “ There’s only one person he could be talking about and it means he’s been following me just like Catherine Tremell did. Chief: “He’s never given us a heads up before and this time the riddle is not in the form of a rhyme”? Shawn: “The battery went dead and it was on the charger”. As the Chief goes over all the information they have and informs them there have been no new developments over night. Lassiter: “Great but who is it he’s talking about, Spencer’? Shawn: “That’s right I was thinking about someone else but Jules that puts you in jeopardy”.

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Officer: This is unit one Adam 21 we have the Chief’s vehicle in sight it’s in the east parking lot of Santa Barbara General Hospital over. Once inside the Chief goes to the administrator’s office as Jules gets on the radio and instructs all units to close in on the hospital and detain all vehicles and people trying leave the hospital. Chief: “I’m Karen Vick Chief of police I need a copy of the schedule for all Doctors at the hospital”. Yang escapes I’ll arrest you as an accessory and for aiding and abetting”. And he hands the Chief a paper, and from his position behind the Chief Shawn sees the name of a Surgeon scheduled to start a heart transplant operation within the next half hour.

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