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They are really into each other because they have so much in common — from their Latin roots, to their love of New York, and their kids.” The source further added that she seems to be excited, but is taking things slow because she knows A-Rod has a reputation for being a “ladies man.” Neither have confirmed the relationship, but they have been spotted together multiple times.In February 1997, Jennifer Lopez got married to Cuban waiter, Ojani Noa. Since their short marriage, JLo went through several legal battles with her ex-husband.Not wanting to put up with his straying ways for one more minute, she waited until he was out of town to move out—and she took everything with her, from the nursery furniture to the cars. The model and actress insisted afterward to that "there was no other way" to do it. He wouldn't have wanted me to go."Moreover, "I wanted to be dramatic.

JLo has had her fair share of relationships, including a short-term love affair with rapper Drake.Their on-again off-again relationship seemed to have reached a good point when they were engaged, but they soon called it off.They were one of the most celebrated couples in Hollywood, earning the name “Bennifer.” The two cited media interference as the reason for their breakup.If I pack up everything—twins and all—it means I'm out! Despite the dramatic split, they remained close over the years as parents of son Christian, twin daughters D'Lila Star and Jessie James, and Porter's son Quincy Brown with singer-producer Al B. Not there was Chance, Combs' daughter with Sarah Chapman, who was born ."He's not the first man who's had a baby outside of his relationship. But at this point in my life—I have girls now—it's a different program." Asked, however, if Combs fathering a child with another woman had indeed contributed to her leaving, she said, "Well, that was definitely part of it."Porter insisted, "There's no ill feeling or 'I can't stand you, I hate you, don't call.' There's none of that.

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