Is dating two people at the same time bad

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It may seem more convenient to go back to those college days and find someone from where you went to school.Perhaps you’re no longer on the same level as they are.Exclusivity is something that should never be assumed.Maybe it’s because a vast majority of my dating experiences have occurred through on-line sites, but I always went with the mindset that unless otherwise discussed, the other person was likely seeing other people.

With where I’m at, I’ve found it isn’t the easiest to meet new people without turning to on-line dating.

Some people do not feel comfortable casually dating someone who is also being physically intimate with others at the same time.

Some people find that monogamous relationships do not work for them, and they may only want exclusivity in a polyamorous relationship.

Just as exclusivity doesn’t guarantee all-of-the-time sex.

If you are near a large city with many potential options to date, I would recommend sticking to a closer proximity.

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