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Invalidating life insurance

Knowingly misrepresenting your insurance policy could result in your insurance policy being cancelled or worse, voided.

We appreciate there are some nights where you and your car will spend the night away from home and that’s fine, but if you’ve said your car will be kept at one address but it’s actually at a different postcode every night it could result in your insurance failing to cover your car.

You need to make sure your car is kept in a roadworthy condition at all times and make sure all maintenance work is carried out as soon as is needed.

Looking after your car also means driving sensibly – hand-brake turns and accelerating like Lewis Hamilton is not sensible driving and this sort of driving behaviour could see your policy cancelled.

No matter how big or small you have to let us know about any incidents your car is involved in.

A small bump you don’t tell us about could cause a number of problems, including: • The third party reporting the incident to their insurer leaving us in a difficult position if they choose to make a claim • If you’re involved in another incident in the future and there’s already previous damage to your car you’ve not told us about it could invalidate the larger claim If you drive to work every day and your office is 10 miles from home, that’s 20 miles-a-day, 100 miles-a-week just in commuter mileage.

Any change of occupancy or increase of risk taking place in the property insured without the insured’s knowledge provided that they shall, immediately on the same coming to their knowledge, advise the insures and pay any additional premium that may be required form the date of such increase of risk.

The insurance by each item under buildings is understood to include walls, gates and fences, small outside buildings, extensions, annexes, exterior staircase, fuel installation, steel or iron framework and thanks in the said premises and the insurance by each item under contents extends to contents of each outbuilding, provided their values are included in the sum insured.

Basically, if you aren’t the one to have final say on whether your details are accurate then there’s the potential your policy documents could be littered with errors and result in a cancelled policy.

Notwithstanding the provision of article 257 of the Commercial Code (kitab Undang Undang Hukum Dagang) and notwithstanding anything herein contained to the contrary and subject only and without prejudice to clause 2 hereinafter set out it is hereby declared and agreed that it is a condition precedent to liability under this Policy, any Renewal Certificate, Endorsement or Cover Note that any premium due must be paid actually received in full by the company: In the event any of the above mentioned premium is not paid in full to any received by the Company, as described above in the manner and within the time stipulated above (the “premium warranty period”), the cover under this Policy, Renewal Certificate, Endorsement or Cover Note shall be deemed to have terminated from the expiry of the premium warranty period and the company shall be discharged from all liability there from but without prejudice to any liability incurred before that date and the Company will entitled to a prorate time on risk premium subject to a minimum of Rp.

You could invalidate your car insurance by making a simple error in the UK.

There’s even a section which explains what you need to tell us about and when.

Admiral is a direct insurer so unless you’ve got the quote online, over the phone from us or via a comparison website, then it’s not an official quote.

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This is followed by exhaust system changes, (15.1 per cent), suspension changes (15.1 per cent), along with optional extra alloy wheels (14.0 per cent) as well as tow bars (13.3 per cent) and tinted windows (10.7 per cent).

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