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Intimidating face

If you are a slight, frail-looking individual, opponents are probably not going to be intimidated.If you are a chubby out-of-shape guy with a beer-gut and flabby biceps, you’re not going to hit a 10 on the intimidation factor, but if you use the other intimidation techniques on this list, you could still come close. Tattoos shout alternative, unpredictable and perhaps even dangerous, if for no other reason than that the person has already demonstrated a willingness to endure pain to achieve their objective of getting the tattoos in the first place.An example of self-sacrifice would be head-butting an opponent in the face.

Resiliency would rarely come into play, since most confrontations rarely escalate into physical violence, however, if an opponent is dealing you damage and you are consistently coming back for more and returning fire, that’s likely to start putting some serious doubts in their mind as to the outcome of the fight.

When your opponent inflicts pain upon you, they expect an outward sign of their victory. The object is to accept the pain inflicted upon you by your opponent without exuding any outward sign or effect, then amplify that pain, multiply it, let your rage turn it into something more vengeful and devastating and give it back to your attacker in spades. However, be aware that most dogs have loud barks and weak bites. Threats can also escalate tense situations and if your intention is simply to bluff, you’re better off doing that at a card table, or somewhere else where you’re less likely to get killed. Meanwhile, your opponent will generally try to shake your confidence and your belief that you will win.

They expect you to emit a cry, a sob, a whimper, or perhaps even a submission. Some people say, “I believe in an eye for an eye.” A person utilizing pain amplification would say, “I believe in an eye for two eyes.” Your objective is to give more pain than you receive, to do more damage than you endure and to induce more doubt and fear than you experience. If you maintain your cool, they could be the ones losing their confidence and becoming less prepared, measured and decisive.

If you don’t know what type of person this description refers to, look up Brock Lesner or Bill Goldberg on the internet, check their height and weight and ask yourself if these are men you would really enjoy fighting.

Acting in unpredictable ways and making unconventional decisions will throw most opponents off.

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