Internet dating and exclusivity

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Internet dating and exclusivity

If someone's got that far into a relationship and somehow this hasn't come up in the conversation, it's not a misunderstanding about the exclusivity of the relationship, it's because they knew you wouldn't like it and were hiding it from you until they got found out.

I do think it's okay (but not that common) to date multiple people as long as you are upfront and honest from the outset .

I know I am being sneaky/snoopy by checking up on him to see how often her goes on the site (and he goes on often! It’s not like I’d call this guy my boyfriend already, I know it’s still early… Author’s note: I have expanded the content of this article since it’s original post (as I do from time to time).

This is thanks, in part, to your excellent comments and questions from the audience.

I know people multiple dating- but only max two to three dates, then they decide whether to take further (exclusively) or not.

To refuse to work my notice To lie to my GP To ask for soon to be ex husbands new girlfriend not to be at my daughters birthday party?

You’re just seeing what he’s doing online and that information is freely available to the world.

Your motivations for checking up on this are worth looking at, though, because it gives me the feeling that either something inside you feels like you don’t quite trust this guy or that you don’t trust the relationship you’re in to have trust as a quality (and so you’re always checking and testing because you don’t have that trust to begin with…

It’s reasonable to interpret that as meaning you’ve agreed to not date anyone or sleep with anyone else, but I want to ask: when you agreed to be exclusive, how did this come about?

How clear was his side of the agreement to being committed?

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So not long term, just ensuring they meet the most people possible. But I truly have never known anyone who has done so - where are they meeting all these people? I know this because I ask in the office, when there are fledgling relationships.