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One of the biggest examples is talking about actors/actresses and their voices in films.

For example, everyone would probably agree that Morgan Freeman has a great and unique voice.

Lisa grew up in Bavaria so she is used to quintessentially Bavarian food like potato dumplings, Sunday roast dinners, potato salad, and her love of German bread – considered “real bread”.If you read Bruce’s article about how being a yes person has shaped his life, you know a little bit about how we met.In case you haven’t read it, here is a quick recap – and some more details. Bruce, the Canadian, was studying in Europe – and Lisa, the German, was doing an internship in another European country.Bruce grew up in Canada but has deep European heritage in the family, so he was used to eating things from Eastern Europe like pierogies and potato salad, but also Canadian things like maple syrup.Generally, breakfast in North America can be bigger and greasier than in Europe.

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Basically, if the person doesn’t know what the other person is talking about, we usually let the person share the memory.

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