Impression management and online dating is trish stratus dating frank sepe

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This article takes as a point of departure Erving Goffman`s (1959) ideas and the self-discrepancy theory of Higgins (1987) in order to introduce the habits of self-presentation of young people in the online environments.

Detailed information on how Wiley uses cookies can be found in our Privacy Policy. I was finally able to taste her skin, to touch her. This date may be a sex mirage, the next a nerd mirage. And one fine afternoon, we were in her bed, naked, tangled in bed sheets. With everyone operating behind a smokescreen, actual compatibility is left to random chance.Together these findings call for additional feedback mechanisms in the design of online dating systems to inform users about their conveyed impressions.IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT AND FORMATION IN ONLINE DATING SYSTEMS Online dating systems are used by millions of people every year to find a romantic partner, yet many of these users report feeling frustrated by the online dating process.

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