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Humorous quotes online dating

Dating and married couples add excitement and fun to their relationship with humor and the element of surprise.

However, Bressler et al (2006) found that females still chose males who could produce humour over those who could not, even if their humour was unsophisticated, which would not be an indication of intelligence.

You can also use these sayings as inspiration to create your own original quote by changing a word or two.

Keep your relationship happy and interesting when you send the guy you like a funny quote.

Therefore, even though males and females report that they find sense of humour in a dating partner desirable, for males at least, this means preferring a female who appreciates their humour, rather than being attracted to one who makes jokes herself. It is like they like it, but at the same time seem to want to rescue me from it...

It is also the case that males tend to use humour more than females, and also use it more than females in intersexual advertising to attract females (Simpson, Gangestad, Christensen, & Leck (1999). Males who can produce humour and make people laugh may be more creatively intelligent than males who do not produce humour. Aesthetic fitness: How sexual selection shaped artistic virtuosity as a fitness indicator and aesthetic preferences as mate choice criteria.

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Humour may be especially important in online interactions because after the initial impression given by a person’s profile picture, it is what a person says and how they describe themselves which takes over and becomes more salient. One of the reasons why both males and females are attracted to a good sense of humour is because humour puts people in a good and positive mood.

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