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How long we ve been dating

I don’t think your worries sound all that extreme or even unrealistic. But it’s real and you shouldn’t brush it away as a symptom of your anxiety.

He was flirting with other women on Snapchat and you sensibly wonder about whether he’s going to be faithful. You ask if this is an “actual issue” of if it’s just your anxiety. Tell him that if you’re going to be together, you need him to understand that it’s not cool for him to flirt with other women when things get rough.

This is a conversation you need to have with your boyfriend, even if it’s awkward — and even if it’s hard to bring it up and actually talk about it for more than a few seconds. And you say you “know he truly loves and wants to be with me.” Before you take it personally, be a little brave, remind him how much you care about him, and tell him that you just don’t understand why he doesn’t want to have sex with someone as hot and amazing as yourself.

A week before being diagnosed, we were taking pictures together on Snapchat and I noticed he had been snapping some random girls.

Tracking every Facebook like is not going to make you or anyone else happy.

I have not said anything to him about it because I do trust him, and I know he would never cheat on me, but I can't help but feel like he once had strong feelings for her in high school or that he may even have some feelings for her still.

Some messages were flirty or stated we had been rocky.

We got in a fight but he said none of the snaps meant anything.

Let him know how it made you feel: that it hurt you and made you feel insecure and made it harder for you to trust the man you love.

Don’t brush away your feelings or apologize for them.

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Do I bring up my concerns and talk to him, or should I just try to ignore it and not overthink it? I get a whole lot of questions from readers who basically want to know: Do I have to talk about this? We all just want things to turn out for the best with the least effort and anxiety possible.