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That’s why Shield Security came up with a unique tool: the Jobcase.This custom-built briefcase contains a recruitment message, written in steel letters.We transferred 1 euro to other agencies using online banking, using the posting line for the job ad and so inviting applications for the job of an accountant.” 🇳🇱 Software box “To get the most talented DTPer (studio designer) in a highly competitive market where it’s hard to stand out among all the job vacancy ads in this sector … The DVD describes the marketing agency 2008 and the current vacancy …The box had to look real, but at a second glance it would make you smile … They delivered 70 boxes, but received over 100 applications …When passed through a security scanner, working security officers can read the job offer clearly …the Jobcase also got its share of attention from the security business press.” 🇿🇦 Design layout pads “TBWAHunt Lascaris needed to bolster their creative department with some top young talent … We decided to target the top five advertising agencies in South Africa ourselves.The bespoke design process we use turns presentation software inside out, pushing Power Point to the limits of what it can achieve… There’s nothing we can’t do in a presentation, so think as big as you can - we’ll build it.

No matter the size of your project or business we bring our A game to the table every time.

They asked if a mechanic could take a look under their car because of a strange sound.

Every mechanic immediately put the car on a lift to take a look.” 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Video game billboard “Government intelligence organisation GCHQ is to run an ad campaign within Xbox Live, to attract quick-thinking 18- to 34-year-olds to its ranks.” 🇩🇪 Napkins “In German advertising there is a lack of talented young copywriters.

We’ll fix that with robust, customisable tools that you’ll actually want to use every day.

All our projects are curated by a single person who learns your needs intimately.

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It enables people to see what others are earning and determine if they’re being paid what they’re worth.” 🇨🇦 Money “To find candidates for fundraising positions at SAIT, fake $20 bills were created and randomly dropped at the 2008 Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education conference.