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Some of you may have seen some of the somewhat misguided posts by a user known as Wolf, or H Wolf, etc.

He alleged that Pounced is under some kind of investigation for child related offenses, and then alleged that their owner or another staff member was also a moderator on this site, in an attempt to frighten users of this site, as retribution for posting all his harrassing E-Mails towards us publicly.1.

All of us on the Furr Trax team would like to wish everyone a Happy Holi Days and a Happy New Years.

As to your disclosure segment, threatening to start your own site essentially, go ahead, do it, wont affect us in the slightest.10.As for expecting an apology from me, after all you have said, you will be waiting for quite some time, because i have nothing to apologize for.--- Xander Venterus Owner of Furr Trax Social Networks 2018-05-15 , H.Wolf wrote: Xander, I assume I can speak to you as an adult.None of the staff of Pounced are, or have ever been involved in admin functions or moderation of furrtrax.2.Whether they are actually under some mysterious investigation or not is not known to us, and is likely also hot air from him.3.

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Please correct me if I amwrong and I will address the matter in a more appropriate mannerconducive to your understanding, as you obviously have made grossassumptions which are surprising to me in their lack of support fromthe conversation.