Foster siblings dating

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Foster siblings dating

FD is definitely not bored but I let her do what she is interested in and really try to support her dreams. in a way your lucky you got her when she was a little younger and could influence her and teach her responsible dating habits ours was already a mother when placed so we've had to back track a little .

I'm surprised to hear about agency "rules" about dating - we were just told to handle it like we would with our own kids.

While I hope she waits, I am also realistic and will make sure she has birth control. They go to different high schools and he lives about 30 minutes away so I can somewhat monitor when they see each other. My advice is just to be really involved and to make sure they have a lot of activities.

The kids have to be trustworthy, loyal, brave, etc etc! She can do group dating (movies, etc.) but I meet the kids. She is taking driver's ed and still has to pass to get her permit.She wants to do it - it's not me making her do it.Please, please, please tell me that somebody has given this young woman birth control.but they cannot understand why we are saying no for one thing we think he is to old for her which he acts her age anyway he was her brothers best friend now that things have come out the boy isn't allowed at our house anymore and it has caused alot of problems because they started liking each have nothing against the boy he is a really good kid but since it has came out that he likes our daughter more than a friend what should we do?? why can't kids understand that we dont do things to hurt them we just dont want to see them hurt.i dont feel like we were wrong in what we did do you think were being to mean by not letting her date anyone at this point??

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So far, he's just had too little romances - and mostly they went out with another group of kids.

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