Error updating locale cisco cme

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Error updating locale cisco cme

The reset command performs a "hard" reboot similar to a power-off-power-on sequence.

It reboots the phone and contacts the DHCP server and TFTP server to update from their information as well.

If a reset sequence-all command has been started in error, use the reset cancel command to interrupt and cancel the sequence of resets.

To perform a complete reboot of a single phone associated with a Cisco Call Manager Express router, use the reset command in ephone configuration mode.

There is a reset timeout of 4 minutes, after which the router stops waiting for the currently registering phone to complete registration and starts to reset the next phone.This site is not meant to replace Cisco’s documentation but to supplement it with answers to scenarios you may encounter.This site is being transitioned to a new maintainer and host, so check your bookmarks to make sure they are up to date.When you use the reset sequence-all command, the router waits for one phone to complete its reset and reregister before starting to reset the next phone.The delay provided by this command prevents multiple phones from attempting to access the TFTP server simultaneously and therefore failing to reset properly.

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When using the reset command from telephony service mode, the default time interval of 15 seconds is recommended for an 8- to 10-phone office so that all the phones do not attempt to access TFTP server resources simultaneously.