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An ENFJs partner needs to be very aware of their tendency to neglect their own needs and get burned out.

To maintain their healthy relationship, their partner needs to be able and willing to remind the ENFJ to take care of themselves as well.

MORE: ENFJ Relationships and Compatibility With ALL Personality Types INFP Relationships and Compatibility With All Types We wrote a lot about the INFP personality type — you can find a detailed profile here (includes dating and relationships) and here (tips on how to make your INFP happy).

To make an INFP fall in love with you, you need to be genuine.

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Despite the INFP’s spontaneous nature, when it comes to dates and special occasions, they take time and actually plan things in advance, taking care of aesthetics and tiny details.They’re not known for playing around very much or for being casual about their relationships and they won’t accept that from their partners either.ENFJs will be a dedicated support system for their romantic partners and will also need this in return, even if they do get so focused on the other person’s needs that they forget this sometimes.Finding someone who can live up to that standard isn’t easy and even then the INFP may have second thoughts.Loving people is the ENFJ’s default operation mode (also see our detailed ENFJ profile).

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