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Most believe that it was written by Emmanuelle Arsan (real name: Marayat Rollet-Andriane) but there are plenty of rumours of it being written by her husband (Jacques Rollet-Andriane).

The reader is experiencing the story through the point of view of the title’s character, which has sex with a variety of people.

When a bachelorette party at Emmanuelle's house is interrupted by a mysterious loner, strange things begin to happen.

The party guests start changing one by one into blood-sucking sexual ... Most erotic vampire movies never get the seductive build-up appeal of erotic pleasure that makes for a genuinely sexy vampire film.

Two years later she was directed by Alfonso Brescia in Hell in Normandy (1968) and by Bruno Corbucci in The Longest Hunt (1968).

Luigi Cozzi directed her in La Portiera Nuda (1976). She recently appeared in several art-house films, such as Pupi Avati’s A Second Childhood (2010) and The Big Heart of Girls (2011).

In this version, there is a basic consistency in this simple plot of seducing unsuspecting women.

The development of this movie proceeds along predictable lines which for the purpose of erotic films is usually just what is needed to appeal to the physical, lustful appetites, but at the same provide compelling mental and visual stimulus.

The next year she reprised her role in Emmanuelle II (1975).

Then she collaborated with legendary Avant-Garde director in The Margin (1976) and Art-House auteur Claude Chabrol in Alice or the Last Escapade (1977).

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It was originally published in its country of origin in 1967 and in English a few years later (it was first published anonymously in 1959, but it didn’t became the phenomenon that it meant to be in the ‘60s and ‘70s.), just when the first wave of commercial adult films was thriving and that shouldn’t be too surprising as the novel’s structure works like one.

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