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Elucidating the genetic code

Many of these processes are essential and unique to particular systems, making them ideal potential drug targets.Jacob, Samson Metallothionein gene expression; protein factors that modulate ribosomal RNA gene transcription; molecular mechanisms of action of 5-fluorouracil.Burd, Craig Steroid hormones signal through proteins that are able to bind DNA and initiate transcriptional programs.These transcription factors are critical mediators of virtually all physiological processes and are often deregulated in diseases such as cancer.Jhiang, Sissy Protein tyrosine kinases and cancers; transgenic mice for human diseases; gene transfer of sodium/iodide symporter for radioiodine treatment in human cancers.Johnson, Robert The Johnson laboratory uses mouse model systems to understand the molecular and genetic changes responsible for the development of pediatric brain tumors.The role of small RNA-directed epigenetic silencing in defense against DNA viruses.

Herman, Paul Eukaryotic cell proliferation; ras protein signaling; RNA pol II transcription.Green, Patrick Molecular pathogenesis of human T-cell leukemia virus (HTLV); molecular biology of retrovirus replication; T-cell activation/transformation.Grotewold, Erich Control of gene expression; metabolic engineering; evolution of transcription factors. Guo's lab is really interdisciplinary with diverse technologies and variable projects involving the areas of cell biology, molecular medicine, virology, biophysics, biotechnology, biochemistry, chemistry, computation, biomedical engineering, single molecular optics, single molecular conductance, single pore sensing, RNA Nanotechnology, nucleic acid chemistry, cancer therapy, drug delivery, viral DNA packaging, and ATPase motors.Jontes, James Role of cell adhesion molecules in the processes of synaptogenesis and circuit assembly in the developing zebrafish nervous system.Kaspar, Brian Investigation of cell death pathways in Central Nervous System Disorders; delivery of Gene Therapy Vectors to the CNS; identification of Neural Stem Cell Signaling Pathways and Development.

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Ghoshal, Kalpana Role of DNA methylation and micro RNAs in liver disease.

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