Early twenties dating Sex chatbot software

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Early twenties dating

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Everything about the city was glittery and golden then, though, so a dude expressing interest in me was enough of a reason for me to go out with him.

Unsurprisingly, the date was fine-ish, and when I walked home from the train, tipsy off of cheap Bud Lights, I wondered how many OK-ish dates I'd go on and if I'd be single when I was old — ya know, like 26 or something.

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This isn’t college, and crouching over his smudged laptop screen to watch Netflix does not a date make. A man who passive-aggressively avoids texting you for days when he’s mad or blows up out of nowhere is pretty much all work and no play. Dating a guy you could confidently list as an emergency contact is where it’s at.

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