Dns host record not updating

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If you cannot find them, then ask your hosting provider.They will tell you how to add CNAME record to your DNS resources.A lot of Word Press hosting providers offer c Panel to manage your hosting account.We will show you how to add a CNAME record in c Panel. Login to c Panel and click on Simple DNS Editor under the. Enter name, for example, enter mail if you want to use mail. Example: will take users to the URL you provided for the CNAME.For example, by adding an MX recorded provided by for your-domain.com, any email received by will be handled through outlook.com’s mail servers. We will show you how to add MX record entry to your domain name using c Panel. Login to your c Panel account and click on MX Entry under Mail.: 2. In the Add New Record section, you can left the priority 0.If you have more than one domain hosted on the server, then you will be asked to choose a domain you want to edit. In the destination, enter the MX entry value provided by your mail service provider. Click on “Add New Record” button, and you are done.To create a Blank record, use an @ in the Hostname field.

TXT records can have SPF records which is abbreviation for Sender Policy Framework record which is used by email service providers to verify that an email message is actually coming from the same domain as it claims.

Example: Name → CNAME mail.→ go.com After adding the above CNAME record entry in a domain’s DNS records, visiting mail.will take users to Windows live website.

Changing CNAME record is particularly useful if you are going to configure your domain to use professionally branded email address with or some other service provider.

TXT records are useful when you are using a third party mail service such as on your own domain name.

We will show you how to add a TXT record to your DNS records settings using c Panel. Login to your c Panel account and click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor.

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It will automatically add rest of your domain name to it. If your Word Press hosting provider does not use c Panel then don’t panic.