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I remember the moment well, staring out the window at the moon. Some years after that, a missionary came to my middle school to talk about what she did, and my heart became full of dreams of doing missionary work in Africa.I would tell classmates that my “boyfriend” was JC (Jesus Christ), probably partly because I was embarrassed that everyone else was starting to date but I wasn’t allowed, but also because I really did wonder if I would be called to single or religious life.I did feel that I was discerning it harder than most people in the room and that there was a higher possibility that I would be called to it than most people, but I still never liked walking up. I would get lots of, “Congratulations, you’re going to be a nun! Some people function on the mentality that if they start to even look at the possibility of becoming a religious, God will doom them to having to do the exact opposite of what they would enjoy. My advice to you is not to be resistant to fully experiencing the movements of your heart regarding this issue.My feet would somehow carry me to the front, face burning and dizzy, and back to my seat after the blessing, hoping it would all end soon and I could blend back in unnoticed. ” looks, as well as a lot of, “Well why are they together if they are going to be religious? Or that marriage is the “normal” track, and you would feel special if you were meant to discern being a religious. Discernment is for your benefit so you know what you are really drawn to. You and any person you are in a relationship with need to be able to agree that you want whatever God wants for your lives and will support each other in the mission of finding out what that is. I promise you will not be miserable in your vocation.We pray with each other and for each other every day.

David agrees: “The ability to keep it going is not the only major display of love we have for one another.

David flew in to Los Angeles and Therese met him at the airport.

“I was emerging from the arrivals tunnel at the airport and I could see Therese at the end, with both hands extended upwards and waving, then holding her own face and then hands went back in the air again,” David said.

At one point when I told Andrew I had a hard time imagining being a mom, it really hurt him. In fact, looking at all the possibilities and being open about it 1) meant we didn’t have secrets that could make the other person feel deceived, and 2) made us more certain of our call to be together.

“Given my past with relationships, I had gotten to a point where I didn’t think I would meet anyone or anyone would want to be with me.

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Sometimes it felt funny and it hurt, because it of course included the possibility that we would not be together. We know we are called to be married because God, and he, and I have gone down that long road of discernment and growth together.

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