Dhcp not updating dns server 2016 r2

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When Name Protection is enabled, the DHCP server will register both A and PTR records on behalf of a non-Windows client. In addition, it will also register another resource record called DHCID (short for DHCP Client ID) for the non-Windows client. If one DHCP client’s FQDN has been registered in the DNS as sales2.contoso.com, another client won’t be able to register the same FQDN in the DNS because the DHCP server will refuse registration to a second client if its DHCID matches with an existing one.

Name Protection is a feature that prevents name squatting and can be configured either at the DHCP server or the scope level. Just like the Scope Options settings in DHCP, which too can be configured at both the server level and the scope level, the scope level settings override the server level settings.

In the IPAM UI, this inventory can be viewed under the IP address space management pivot.

This inventory had to be manually populated or imported using a CSV file.

Another important capability is an IP address inventory now has a tab for DNS records which lists all the DNS records related to that IP address – this includes A, AAAA, PTR, CNAME, MX, NS and so forth.

This would be really useful where there is use of CNAME, MX and other records types which have indirect relationship to the IP address.

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In Windows Server 2016, IPAM will read the DNS records from the DNS servers – including the PTR records.

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