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Dhaka dating spot

This is of course of the best dating spot in Kathmandu valley. It is a popular dating spot because of Manjushree cave (Longest cave in Nepal).

Majhushree Park is named after Manjushree who was a great Buddhist monk who established a settlement in Kathmandu valley by slicing the gorge and draining the water from Kathmandu valley. Location: Chovar, Kirtipur Entry Fee: 50 -150 (Depends) White Gumba is located at the top of Kathmandu from where we can observe a beautiful view of Kathmandu.

You can get a bus from Bagbazar to Kamalbinayak Bhaktapur and second bud from Kamalbinakayk to Nagarkot.

Location: Bhaktapur 32KM North from Central Kathmandu Tips: Better go for one night stay rather than one-day date, Plan for weekdays Chandragiri Hills is one of the hottest places to visit.

If you are looking for a secured, clean & cheap place with full privacy for staying at Dhaka, my place is the correct choice for you. currently i'm not accepting any lady & couple guests due to some unavoidable circumstances. I like to spend time with my guest, take them to different corner of Dhaka city or at least have a cup of coffee.

I like to interact closely with my guests & like to provide all kinds of support they needs. Also like to share our experience, want to learn lot of things.

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It is in Lalitpur district, south-east corner of the Kathmandu. It is surrounded by evergreen natural forests and habitats of more than 500 different species plants.Whoopee land is a modern amusement waterpark in Kathmandu valley.You can enjoy water slides, 360 degrees Ranger, 180 degrees Frisbee, the bouncy Zorb ball along curvy meadows and Animatronics Dinosaurs and many more. 475 Tips: Have a better quality camera to take amazing pictures 😀 Manjushree park is located at 1 KM southeast of the Chovar village.It is one of the best places for eating and sightseeing.You can enjoy the beautiful arts of the Buddhist monastery and gardens.

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I like to spend time with them and answer any questions they might have regarding myself or my place or my country.