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While Russian diplomacy in Africa focuses on the entire continent, there are countries with which it is developing cooperation particularly vigorously.It is important to note here that Russia mostly interacts with its African partners on a bilateral basis, although it does maintain contacts with regional integration associations and the African Union, which spans the entire continent.The Zambian government, however, hopes excess power generated from this plant could be made available for export to neighboring countries under the Southern African Development Community Power Pool framework arrangement.In the sphere of education, there are Zambian nationals studying in various Russian universities.Agricultural products occupy an important place in mutual trade.Russia supplies large volumes of wheat to Morocco, South Africa, Libya, Kenya, Sudan, Nigeria and Egypt.

Moreover, Moscow is traditionally friendly towards its African partners and strives to develop intercultural humanitarian ties with African countries.

Modern Africa truly is a continent of new opportunities.

In economic terms, several African countries are developing quite successfully, with the economies of a number of countries in the Sub-Saharan region demonstrating average GDP growth of 5.2 percent over the period 2000–2013.

While Russia’s trade and economic relations are more highly developed with the countries of North Africa, trade with countries south of the Sahara has also been growing in recent years.

Russia’s main trade partners in Africa are Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and South Africa.

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“Today, we have a good opportunity to discuss and understand current bilateral issues such as political dialogue and partnership in the field of peaceful nuclear energy, economic ties and security interaction.

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