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If a site has ad-sense, it's essentially controlled by Google (You Tube) and not a true You Tube alternative... The Top Tens The Top Tens is a website created in 2005, which is used to write top ten lists, where anyone can vote, comment, and write posts about the lists. Viddler offers an incredibly professional solution with solid points of differentiation from the competition.The whole point in getting away from You Tube is that content creators are unfairly getting their ad-sense accounts pulled for life... The only platform that is truly censorship free and actually acts as a You Tube alternative. Currently the alternative with the best potential Facebook If you like being tracked Wow this isn't even a video website what is wrong with you? Gozie IIRC, it's gone now and like Revver, it kept failing to respond, right before going under. Gozie is awesome because they don't have video advertisements, censorship removal, and it's way easier to get views and subscribers. Check out the customer spotlights at and you'll be wowed!I find it personally the best You Tube alternative if I were to use it as a backup for things such as: False copyright strikes from You Tube, escape predictable "negative" communities affiliating to your videos.You also get those features back then which You Tube took away from you!

Except that you can actually do stuff, unlike looking at a Web Archive; which you cannot register, Zipp Cast you can register and upload and experience the old layout!I also think Mattwo should give the contenders a chance I gave them a chance, they all failed me, why should I have faith in something that never works? Founded on July 6, 1995, by Tom Fulp, the site presently hosts games, movies, audio and artwork in four respective hubs, or Portals. but Microsoft has a chance and if I am going to abandon the leader, I'm going with Microsoft. You Tube You Tube is a global video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States.- Mattwo Funny Or Die Nothing but hilarious videos. Most of the videos are funny, and the voting system is very effective. Filled with porn - Gaygure Animation: Newgrounds Let's Plays: Twitch Music: Vevo Anything Else: sorry bud you're out of luck In a way, Newgrounds kinda opened up the animation stage for You Tube, giving it lots of promotion. The service was created by three former Pay Pal employees in February 2005.- Mahaer_Mahmud everything You can find all kinds of things here! But it died with everyone around the globe loving it.- HCShannon Watch Watch is a Canadian-based privately held video content producer, publisher, and syndicator. Which is available on youtube Amazing and helpful how to's! Sadly, it's SO LOW on this list, but it should top this. I've been using this site for a couple months and am considering it an alternative to You Tube. Best website and very similar to the old You Tube - darknova36 Wow. - Alicia Mae Vidme is boring and they control and censor content and accounts, not recommended for the creative, a bunch of tight wads They censor political content. They have so many functions that allow me to do exactly what I am looking for with my videos.

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Vimeo has been around just as long as You Tube, except it's much better, and much less popularity. There's a reason this isn't as popular as You Tube - tequila Vimeo shows high quality shows that aren't cluttered Dailymotion Dailymotion is a video-sharing technology platform. North American launch partners include BBC News, VICE, Bloomberg, Hearst Digital Media, and more.

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