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He used to be a binge drinker, and according to him, “a bit of an alcoholic” who didn’t like the way he behaved when he drank to an excess.

I certainly understood why a sober lifestyle worked well for him, but I wondered if it would work for Five months later, I realize that our sober-not-sober relationship isn’t nearly as big a deal as I thought it would be.

Drinking, while not integral to my life, is a social and recreational activity I do partake in once a week or so. Adam, it turns out, doesn’t drink at all — he hasn’t touched alcohol in four years — nor does he use any other recreational substances.

In fact, it’s opened my eyes to the many creative things to do sans alcohol. I am, however, cognizant about my drinking around him. There have been nights when I’ve been at least close to sloppy after drinking too much too quickly or found my head spinning thanks to a particularly strong strain of pot.

From going vintage shopping to hiking to singing karaoke, Adam and I rarely get bored. When that happens, I can tell Adam is annoyed — not at me, per se, but at the situation. It’s not like I enjoy it when I’m sober around very drunk people.

The following “dates” would be us drinking at bars, drinking at one of our places, drinking at the movie theater, or drinking at a show. While those boozy flings were sometimes fun, in the long run, I decided they were bad for both my mental wellbeing and my poor liver.

I’ll take connecting in ways that are deeper than stumbling around after too many beers any day.

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