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How wonderful it is to see oneself reflected onscreen, in a dating show, at last!

How wonderful to see someone who looks or acts or thinks or feels like you, looking for and actually finding love!

It is sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes “cringey”, sometimes full of joy, but always entertaining.

As a result of this belief, you can meet 1000s of Guyanese girls on Caribbean Cupid……and only 300 on Latin American Cupid. But to be honest, they also don’t look very Caribbean because the largest ethnic group is…If you guess it right you get a cookie from me. 29.3% of the population is black, 19.9% are mixed (those are the real hotties! Some of the but as I already said, the mixed girls are the hottest. Quick fact: Indians are more conservative and therefore less active on online dating sites. Approximately 52% of the women you can meet are Christian, 34% are Hindu, and 9% are Muslim.

Apart from being an example of culture clash and of the failure of a great section of white people, to generally expect everyone else to conform to their expectations of what the world should be, while ignoring the perspectives of others, it is also a moment that tells us a lot about dating in a world that is becoming more and more diverse.

It is a warning also, forcing us to abandon the notion that good-looking guys are good guys.

The first as anyone will tell you has to do with a young woman, who comes from an Indian background, named Gurki.

On her date with a handsome, young, white man named Justin, something terrible happens.

However, when I heard about Netflix I was producing a dating show, called “Dating Around,” I immediately perked up only because the concept was not something that I had connected with the streaming giant, the distributor of such films as “Roma,” which is about to storm the Oscars.

It is no secret that certain sections of society have long been banished from the mainstream, so much so that appearances in dating shows (especially this one which presents LGBTQ people or people of differing races going on dates) becomes such a refreshing and welcoming thing indeed.

Although the first season is short, with only six episodes, there are some standout moments.

Furthermore, this episode is also a stark depiction of what egotistical masculinity can look like, as seen in the telling moment when Justin tells Gurki of an ex-girlfriend, whom he forced to give up her pet cat because he does not like cats.

Thankfully, it is important to point out that in the end, it did seem like Gurki had very good dates with the other guys that she went out with and that Justin was just the exception. There is Leonard, an old man, withered with a slight stoop, but brimming with energy, charisma, and joy.

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Oh, and I hope you know that Guyana is not the same as French Guiana. It doesn’t really matter if you believe in God, Allah, or the holy cookie monster (why am I mentioning cookies all the time? And no, I don’t make this shit up…even though the available data is older than Justin Bieber.

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