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For example, placing Shinji in music club will open a romance plotline with a girl at school. Accesing these routes absolutely requires a game guide. Seriously, use the game guide or you will never be able to access other routes.

Although Shinji’s stats are clearly visible, many others are not.

This title is alternatively known as “Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikaku” or “SIRP”. They are called “Thanatos”, “Pathos”, and “Campus”. In other words, getting an ending where you marry your waifu will be incredibly difficult. Regardless of what ending you get, completing the game unlocks a homosexual side story.

As his guardian, your choices will affect his life for years to come! The relationship endings are only available on the “Campus” playthrough, which is only accessible by playing halfway through the “Pathos” route and fulfilling some secret hidden conditions. Intelligence and sex appeal are key factors in what job you get.

There are a lot of strange game design choices to be found. Sometimes you deal 30 damage and other times just 5.

I’ve loaded game saves and redone battles just so the RNG would favor me. I spent every single day with Rei Ayanami, and only got one event from it. I had 800 sex appeal, and nothing in the game changed whatsoever.

Set up a schedule for Shinji Ikari and try to raise him in a positive direction.

Each of these will level up certain stats that affect gameplay at large. Every few weeks, an “Angel” will come and attack humanity.While these two gangs are causing a ruckus, there is a lonesome boy caught up in all of it. If you would like to help with the WDS WIKIA click here! WDS has 69 BAD ENDS (the number was unintentional, I swear) where you get punched! WDS has one OFFICIAL bad end and one OFFICIAL good end! If the game gets some positive feedback, I'm looking forward to adding more content! This game has a character named Etsuji, He's from my webcomic: There, There.For example, the nerd Kensuke is now a total deviant and pervert.He takes ecchi photos of girls in class, then sells them to random guys.

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Another invisible stat is Shinji’s “Independence Level”.