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“He’s amazing, like a glove,” Darnell raves of Cohen. head of unscripted and alternative television echoes the host’s sentiment that everything fell into place at the right time.“He really belongs with NBC because of Bravo,” Darnell shares, “but he wanted to do it so badly that he went all the way to the top to get permission.” Aside from Cohen’s flair, the show will feel a bit different to original viewers with the implementation of modern-day changes such as the splashy set, a 1-10 ratings scale, and a money prize where contestants choose love or money at the end of each episode.An estimated audience of 11.5 million viewers watched Arp say yes.That's when the show's host, Monica Lewinsky, pointed out that Arp had just agreed to marry a man she had never seen.

Then years later, the format was pitched to him, but he couldn’t do it.I don't remember what happened with this, but they asked me to make a special chastity mask.It all sounds so absurd now, but I made it attached with leather straps that went over and around the head in such a way that you could not remove the mask.[But] I was always up for something that I was actually building with my hands.And I was a freelance artist, so you kind of take the job... So just a neutral mask, which even neutral is a personality.

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They wanted the mouths out so people could talk, but that's all.

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