Dating one race at a time

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So before you close your mind off to other races for certain features being too small or too big, ask yourself how you would feel if someone said your race wasn’t attractive enough to date.By choosing “I agree” below, you agree that NPR’s sites use cookies, similar tracking and storage technologies, and information about the device you use to access our sites to enhance your viewing, listening and user experience, personalize content, personalize messages from NPR’s sponsors, provide social media features, and analyze NPR’s traffic.This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics and other third-party service providers.

But times are changing and we should be changing, and becoming more tolerant, as well.

the average.” Think of them as how likely people are to want to interact with others when it comes to their dating lives. Unfortunately, daters are not more open-minded than they used to be. Q: Are you saying that because I prefer to date [whatever race], I’m a racist? racial bias is a much larger cultural debate, especially in the dating sphere. While this data is specific to daters, it is in line with trends within our society as a whole.

Here are the numbers from 2009–2014 — view each graph below to move through time. While we hope to help daters look beyond appearance and connect on a deeper level, there is an evident trend showing that race is a factor for many individuals, and in a consistent way. The biases shown in this data tell us about how individuals in our society factor in race when interacting with other individuals. Anytime you’re meeting someone new for the first time.

Zevallos believes that we have been conditioned to favor some ethnicities and races over others.

She said comments such as “you’re pretty for a black girl” show that many people think you need some semblance of European features in order to be attractive.

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Are you just fetishizing your racial dating preference?