Dating on lake norman

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Dating on lake norman

Price: 5/hour with three hour minimum, includes captain and gas. Rent a kayak, canoe or stand-up paddle board – They’re - per hour at Pier 88 Yacht Club.

Related story: How to get on Lake Norman without a boat of your own — Take a dinner cruise on a luxury yacht.99 adults, .99 seniors, .99 kids 5-12, .99 kids 2-4. Eat dinner on a Mississippi river boat – The Catawba Queen dinner cruise from Queens Landing includes a buffet dinner, 2-hour water tour and cash bar.

— Lake Norman State Park – The 1,934-acre park features a 125-yard sand beach equipped with a concession stand, bathhouse, restrooms and lockers. Beach access price: /day age 13 and /day age 3-12, only charged when lifeguard is on duty; the main park is free to access.

Address: 759 Park Road, Troutman NC 28166 Beach season: Year round with lifeguard service from 10 a.m. Ramsey Creek Park – Address: 18441 Nantz Road, Cornelius NC 28031 Beach season: Late May through Labor Day with lifeguard service from 10 a.m. Beach access price: Walk-ins are age 14 and older; age 3-13; and free under 3.

It’s named after former Duke Power president Norman Cocke and supports the Mc Guire Nuclear Station, Cowans Ford Hydro Station and Marshall Steam Station.

Lake Norman totals 32,475 acres (520 miles of shoreline) and is almost as big as the other 10 Catawba River lakes combined.

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