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The Running Mates: Human Rights is based on a 2015 novel and directed by the PD of ).

Headlined by Song Joong-ki and Jang Dong-gun, the drama is set in an ancient land called Arth where civilization continues to flourish and tribes fight against each other for survival and power. So many twists were dropped in the first two parts of the series, and as if that weren’t enough, you can expect more surprising developments in the last part especially because it will focus on the turning points of the main characters.

of primetime drama premieres so far this year to at least 69.

The first half of September will welcome only two series—a “Netflix Original” and a fantasy romance from which I’m getting In a departure from the norm, the last six episodes (part 3) of Arthdal Chronicles—which premiered on June 1—will be broadcast two months after episode 12.

The problem is, things are more complicated now that the head matchmaker (Kim Min-jae, ) hasn’t been seen in dramaland for almost three years, and now she is finally back with a new Korean drama!

When The Camellia Blooms centers on the character she is portraying, Dong Baek (which means “Camellia flower” in Korean), who runs a bar called “Camellia.” Previous character descriptions claim that she’s an orphan and a single mom who has had lousy relationships in the past (I’m not so sure about the single mom part because based on my experience in reading casting news from different websites, some reported details of the character turn out to be false when you watch the episode).

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, Kim Hye-yoon is returning to the small screen with A Day Found By Chance.

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