Dating my ruger 1022

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Dating my ruger 1022

Of the half-dozen Ruger 10/22 rifles that I have called my own since the mid-1980s, none of them has impressed me as much as my latest Ruger acquisition, the .22 LR 10/22 Takedown.

This is the ultimate portable, end-of-days, all-weather, stainless steel survival rifle that can go with you just about anywhere in its neat, discreet backpack.

Out Of Sight The Takedown offers a trio of sighting options depending on your mission.

The basic iron sights are the classic 10/22 front bead and a folding rear notch that is adjustable for elevation and windage.

Simply push the lever on the bottom of the forend (right), twist the two halves about a quarter-turn, then separate them.

Ruger’s 10/22 Takedown: The Ultimate in Portable Plinking Precision The 10/22 Takedown was very consistent during testing with either a Trijicon RMR or a Meopta 3-9x40mm Meo Pro scope (shown) installed.

When I asked the owners about where they purchased these “unusual” Ruger 10/22s, the typical response was that they were special distributor models, available only from “Store X,” “Chain Y” or “Distributor Z.” I just had to find out more.

Ruger offers several 10/22 variants, including the stainless steel Takedown (top); the Carbine (center), with a hardwood stock and a satin black finish; and the All-Weather Carbine (bottom), with its black synthetic stock and a contrasting stainless finish.

For 2015, the Ruger 10/22 family tree includes 11 different models dispersed in a half-dozen sub-family branches, specifically: the Carbine (3 models); Target (2); Compact (1); Sporter (1); Tactical (2); and the Takedown (2).

Going strong for over 50 years, Ruger’s 10/22 has been offered in myriad shapes and sizes, with over 6 million sold since its introduction back in 1964.

I have owned at least a half-dozen 10/22s over the past three decades, including the Sporter, All-Weather Carbine, Target and Takedown models.

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