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Here's what Turner and other experts in all things fashion and dating say you should never wear when that very special someone takes you home to meet the parents.Standing up for what you believe in is super important, but it's equally important to weigh the impact of first impressions alongside your desire to express your beliefs."Letting go of that myth can be tough." My husband and I come from the same area—we’re both New Yorkers—and share the same religious background. In these days of people marrying across regional, religious, racial and economic lines, not to mention juggling families filled with multiple step-parents, that should have made things a lot easier.But with in-law relationships, "easy" is a relative term."Until you've gotten to know your potential new family and their beliefs, stay away from controversial pieces like political tees or fur." Another thing to keep in mind is how you deal with exposing any tattoos you may have, which can also be controversial.Fashion expert Kari Cruz acknowledged that if your tattoos have a lot of personal significance to you, it can actually be a connecting point with the parents and a way to share some of your personality.

"If you're going to a midday brunch and you aren't sure just how dressy the crowd will be, avoid that backless dress," she suggested.

D., a marriage and family therapist who, with her husband Les Parrott, runs the Center for Relationship Development at Seattle Pacific University.

"We believe that because our respective parents love us and want the best for us, that a relationship between them will naturally form." When it doesn’t, it can be quite a shock.

This is because not only do you want to make a good first impression, you want to be comfortable in what you're wearing.

You don't want to worry about your heels sinking into the wet grass when you realize you're attending a younger sibling's sporting event, or feel uncomfortable in your fancy dress while everyone else is in jeans, right?

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