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Authorities denied that such a deal existed and claimed that intelligence work and the rehabilitation of imprisoned jihadis caused a decline in Islamist attacks.Mauritanians go to the polls to vote in a controversial constitutional referendum boycotted by several opposition parties and civil society groups.

Ghazouani's nearest rival, prominent anti-slavery activist Biram Dah Abeid, came in second with 18.58% of the vote.

Mauritania became a nation after the destruction of the kingdoms of Fouta Toro and Walo Walo and the Arab-Berber emirats of Trarza, Brakna, Taganet, and Adrar.

As a result, the country has two main ethnic groups: black Africans and Arab-Berbers.

"This seems like a coup d'etat," Abeid said at a press conference, representing himself and the other opposition leaders.

"We are united and will lead the contestation [of the results]." Favored candidate Voters in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania went to the polls on Saturday to elect a new president as Mohammed Ould Abdel Aziz prepares to step aside after serving two five-year elected terms.

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"There are only two choices — either going backwards, towards extremism, waste and instability, or your candidate, who will continue what has been achieved to build a stable and developed state," the 62-year-old told his supporters on Thursday.

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