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However, since living in New York, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many different people from various backgrounds and it’s become clear that there are definite cultural norms specific to European men versus American men (especially New Yorkers).I’m not to judge that one is better than the other, and mind you, my observations are based on my own experiences as well as a group of women I’ve interviewed in the last two years.The below is a list of some of the themes and commonalities observed.Now, when I discuss the differences between European and American, I’m referring to a mindset. American men on the other hand, tend to be goal oriented, with the aim of getting laid.All I did was point to each opportunity and facilitate things I was better at; things that were more straightforward for me, a native speaker and a Westerner. I tried to “do better” by dating wildly different men rather than working on myself.After a rather regrettable rebound with a man I nicknamed “Bad Decision,” I dated a string of people I will call “complicated,” with all of that word’s casual irony.

It didn’t happen through a single kiss, mind you, but through enormous effort devoted to sorting your man out, whether he liked it or not.

So, I’ve turned to fixing myself rather than other people.

In the process, I’ve seen how focusing on a mirage of the future made me overlook pretty shitty behavior in the present.

Basilisk-eyed Lotharios, I told myself, were intriguing, rather than insane.

I believed otherwise nice men who insisted they were ready to have a relationship, even if they were clearly not. I can’t keep my own secrets and my face gives everything I feel away. And yet I dated men who lived for obfuscation, men who invited chaos.

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I got him into school, where he earned an engineering certificate because he’s very smart and works very hard.