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Dating man hamza tunisia

I visited Kerkennah in March 2016, after I heard that there was simmering discontent due to Petrofac's refusal to honour its engagements in helping finance an employment fund. After a brief visit in Sfax and in its industrial port (exporting phosphate products), I hopped on the ferry to Kerkennah with a friend.A delegation headed by the Tunisia Minister of Environment and accompanied by a TV crew was also on the ferry.The first time I heard of Kerkennah was when I was conducting research on a British oil and gas company called Petrofac in 2014.The research focused on corruption in the deal by which Petrofac acquired the Chergui gas concession, back in 2006 in Ben Ali's Tunisia.Kerkennah is being doubly dispossessed and doubly threatened, first by the effects of disruptive global warming and second by the extractive operations of oil and gas companies, bent on making super-profits at the expense of the archipelago's development.

The protests and repression that ensued (including allegations of torture) came after the police violently dismantled a two-month peaceful sit-in held by Kerkenni unemployed graduates, represented by a national union (Union des Diplômés Chomeurs) in front of Petrofac's gas factory.The irritated fishermen were asking TPS to take responsibility for the spill and the environmental damage it had caused, and demanding that Tunisian authorities hold the company accountable.The visit of the environment minister was not exactly what I anticipated.They told us that this was not the first time, but rather the third or fourth time this had occurred.They took us alongside the beach to show us where the black substance (most likely oil) ended up on the shore and how in some places, it had been covered with sand to conceal it from view.

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Approaching the islands by ferry, one is struck by a very curious view: the waters seem to be divided into many parcels (in fact they are) by lines made of thousands of palm tree leaves.

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