Dating kp st miss

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Dating kp st miss

“You know when you should go over someone’s head, and when you should follow the chain of command.” No matter how much you hate your boss or how dumb you think he is, it’s usually career suicide to reveal those sentiments to a higher-up.

When company information is leaked or major deadlines are missed, someone will likely be fired.

An ego is arguably a necessity in the business world.

“He had the job, was doing a good job, but was fired on the spot when his boss found out he had lied on his resume.

The job didn’t require a CPA, but the boss checked to see if he had it anyway,” said Hurwitz.

But a big head that’s consistently getting in the way of efficiency and teamwork is a head that will roll.

“If you’re not forceful to the proper degree in promoting your own ideas, you’re not going to get anything accomplished,” said Hurwitz, but you have to be able to do it in the proper way.

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That, when combined with her sloppy work and incomplete projects, got her cut from the roster.

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