Dating ivillage line show

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Dating ivillage line show

The more “sticky traffic” a company can accumulate, the better it does in the ratings tabulated by Media Metrix, a Silicon Alley company that does for the Internet what Nielsen Media Research does for television.It tracks data from some twenty-one thousand Web sites, and issues monthly rankings that are based on how many “unique visitors” each one has attracted in the most recent period.

She wore a dark gray pants-and-jacket combination and a peach-colored top with the opacity of mosquito netting.Each page view, in theory, represents an opportunity for an advertiser to steal the attention of a visitor, whom Net marketers often describe simply as a pair of “eyeballs.” Without profits to tout, companies like to tally their page views as a way of demonstrating growth, and in order to boost the tally they deploy various “stickiness” devices.Free E-mail is a popular way to draw people back several times a day.In August, i Village reported that in the second quarter its visitors saw an average of more than a hundred million page views per month, thanks to such stickiness devices as E-mail; free personal home pages; a daily horoscope; nightly chats on current events, careers, and other topics led by a network of volunteers; and on-line consultations with experts in a variety of fields, like Dr.Patti Britton, the “Sex Coach.”While exploring “Parent Soup,” the company’s original Web site, I found a good example of how i Village makes a site sticky, and eventually—it hopes—profitable.

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In August, i Village ranked twenty-seventh among all Web properties, with five million visitors.

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