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A little girl tries to take care of him but he doesn’t understand why.

She comes to him a few times with bruises and cuts and he asks why, but she just smiles.

An Inuyasha/Original chara story Sheila 'Fantasy' Kimiga Higurashi is a 15 year old girl living with her mother when disaster strikes.

Dying of illness, Sheila’s mother leaves her and makes her promise to live with her half-sister, Kagome.

When he is better, Sesshomaru starts to leave, but smells blood in the direction the little girl came from.

He hates humans in general, so no one knows why he did this.

Anna Brogan is a local graduate of Ulster University (2016) who works as a freelance photographer.

I can make this wayyyyyyyyyy tougher and harder..doesn't cry not even almost he just felt hurt but not enough to shed tears cause of his demeanour and didn't almost died the sword saved him he was hurt badly but not almost to death of that was the case he wouldn't be able to barely move in spite having his own sword.

Join Sheila Higurashi on her epic, coming of age journey to understand just how powerful her heart is before it’s too late for a certain half demon to be saved…How to spell Sesshomaru’s name: Poor Sesshomaru-sama.I’ve heard it said two different ways and spelled many different ways.It’s not until six months later that adventure comes knocking in the form of Vickie, a wolf/dog yokai that actually has a rather bizarre request: She wants Sheila to fall in love with her brother, Inuyasha, in hopes of freeing him from his obligatory-like love with Kagome. And, with a very real threat hiding among the shadows, Sheila might find herself in need of saving while trying to protect the enigmatic half demon…Being tolerant of one another's religious beliefs is very important (in many 20th & 21st century cultures, at least — and let's just exercise discretion towards historical and current exceptions).

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