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Dating Sites | Apps | Bars | Speed Dating | Events | Clubs | Chat Rooms | Personals | Parks | Volunteering | Book Clubs New Yorkers are busy people.

Whether you’re working long hours on Wall Street or trying to make it on Broadway, you may not have the time or energy to go out looking for a date in the wee hours of the night. A dating website can spare you the hassle of traveling across the five boroughs to meet someone.

Over 30 million members have created accounts on Match so there’s someone for everyone on this dating site.

Match is our top pick for all singles in New York City because its diverse membership and helpful tools make dating easy and fun for people around the world.

That’s why Haley, a mixologist at Long Island City’s Dutch Kills, insists that you review your match a final time your date. Note their appearance AND NAME before you walk in.” So what steps can you take to minimize awkwardness?

“That’s gonna be distracting.” And, even if you think you have a high tolerance, you should try to keep your drinking pace aligned with your date’s. You look uncomfortable because you are.” Nevada implores women to choose sensible shoes: “Don’t wear heels you can’t walk drunk in,” she says. A lot of laughing and smiling.” Keep things light and have fun with it and you’ll be fine. “You certainly don’t want a reputation as a shitty lover. ” But maybe you and your partner have a great local with a bartender you love. “It feels comfortable and cozy, you can be free to be yourselves.” So what to talk about when you’re actually out? They can be the X-factor you need to loosen an evening up.

“When I see someone ‘lapping’ their date, it looks nervous and bad,” Samantha says. Like all minimally decent people, Brooklyn Inn bartender Kevin disapproves of mansplaining, but it’s important to avoid on first dates. Nevada encourages a straightforward, laidback tack that’s easy to bounce back from: “Make your pitch quick, easy, and casual. Alcohol can do that.” It’s also smart, since you are going home with a virtual stranger, to keep a nonjudgmental friend looped in. “Avoid talking about work or telling old stories,” Nevada says. “It’s fun to get casual, tipsy, chat with the bartender,” says Samantha.

Though over 8 million people live in the Big Apple, so far, the 20-something singer has come up empty-handed in the love department.

It’s easy to romanticize dating in New York City as some exciting cross between “Sex in the City” and “Friends.” However, according to my friend’s Facebook page, the reality isn’t all that glamorous.

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