Dating guild guitars from serial numbers

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Having gone through this pain myself and having collected a fair bit of information, I have put it all into a hopefully easy to digest article that should help you if you find yourself considering the purchase of one of these fine instruments.

Compiling information in this way is kind of like writing the recipe for a cake by watching 50 other people bake a cake; the recipe will probably be good, but since you didn’t have access to the original 50 recipes, it might be a bit off here and there.Note that the pickups on the models I’ve seen are Dimarzio with plain black covers that make them look like the Kent Armstrongs on the original Nightbirds.Based on the often incorrect Guild serial number charts, around 100 Nightbird Is were made, though the veracity of the charts when it comes to Nightbird Is may be suspect.The hardware is all gold, and all the high-level appointments like neck and headstock binding is back.The price list shows the Nightbird II as having a Spruce top with a maple option (the Nightbird I does not show the maple option).

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Also, many Nightbirds seem to have been either custom ordered or altered over time, so just because the catalog says something like “EMG Pickups” doesn’t necessarily mean that the model in question will only be found with EMG pickups.

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