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There seems to be another misconception that, no matter how attractive or unattractive a man is, if he’s got money, he can get almost any woman he wants. I’m tired of hearing men call all women gold diggers and bitches. I interviewed over six hundred singles to find out what turned them on and off about their dates.

This hold true at the beginning of the relationship. If you continually repeat this, almost as a chant, the mystery of the dating world will all unravel. Guys told me intimate things about what really got them excited about a woman, and things that made them want to run.

She’s living her life with a new look, and a new man. The ones who closed their ears to any advice from anyone are still single and dateless. Because another big secret in having a successful dating life is to . They said they were waiting for this book to come out. I was never the one who men jumped through hoops to meet at a party because looking back, I didn’t dress to my potential. How far have we come since our parents or grandparents dated in the ’50s?

I hid my body, hid my sex appeal, in fear that I would have to come through in the end. In my mid thirties, when I realized that I was missing out, I made the choice to lose some weight, buy some sexy clothes, and get out there. Although technology has changed, the dating scene is still filled with anxiety, uncertainty, and fear. Other than women making their own way, and having more power, and wearing pants, nothing has changed with regard to how men really relate to women. Women are drawn to the size of a man’s pocket and what’s in it at first. This may sound shallow, offensive, degrading, and insulting, but after interviewing over six hundred singles, these were the two facts that stood out the most.

His Favorite Sport "Solo sportsmen, like runners and swimmers, . He'll reach his financial goals," says Rob Ronin, Psy.

A woman who takes care of her man by being his friend and lover will get a lot more back from him as well.

If she doesn’t get anything back from him, then that’s a deeper problem and a different book.

According to the men between the ages of twenty and sixty that I spoke to, men love women who have curves, but not flab.

They love a woman who walks tall, and has nice-fitting clothes.

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