Dating during divorce proceedings

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Dating during divorce proceedings

For the most part, dating during a divorce doesn’t generally factor into this realm. Living situation directly impacts lifestyle and need.

If that money comes from shared accounts, or one party runs up new debts on joint credit cards, the responsible spouse needs to account for all of that. In child custody cases, the court places the best interests of any minor children above all other concerns.

Kids go through a lot during this time, and it’s often tough to watch parents dating during a divorce.

They may not be entirely comfortable your choice of romantic partners, or your ex’s for that matter.

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All is fair in love and war…well, the judge may differ with this opinion. However, the most important issue to realize at this stage of your “new-found freedom” is that you may want to decline the impulse to date until such a time the Court has ordered your divorce FINAL.

While the courts don’t usually allow the children’s feelings to sway these decisions, they may listen to what older children have to say.

Don’t make hasty, rash decisions, and don’t rub your ex’s nose in it. At worst, you may hand your ex a potential advantage in the divorce process.

Dating during divorce, since the marriage is still legally intact, may technically constitute adultery.

A lot of this revolves around the date of separation—when spouses no longer live together as a married couple and can freely begin new relationships—but in realistic terms, infidelity doesn’t often have a ton of impact on your divorce in Oregon.

Living with someone often plays into how much support the courts ultimately award.

When it comes to figuring out child support if you’re granted custody, the state of Oregon has a formula.

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It accounts for many factors, including need, income, parenting time, and more. Again, splitting expenses by sharing a home with another person may undercut alimony payments.