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Dating dump find man quality schlump up

We've all heard the stereotypes about women who marry into money? The fact is, there are plenty of fabulous men out there who happen to be wealthy, and someone's going to marry them. With tips on everything from top 10 products for under ," 8 types of rich men to avoid," and 9 essential clothing items that no girl should be without," DATING UP will help women attract the right kind of man.

If you're a smart, sophisticated, independent woman looking for love, why shouldn't it be you? Courtney Sullivan has created a guide for women everywhere who have worked hard to get where they are in their lives and their careers and deserve to be challenged, excited, and supported? It also gives advice on where to go to meet men and how to transition from the first few dates to having sex to meeting his mother.

Stocked full of top ten lists; enlightening quotes from film, literature, and pop culture; and sidebars with extra Quick Tips, this manual will be a must-have for all women ready to find Mr.

For others, it's a husband who works as hard as we do and has earning potential that's equal to or greater than our own.

And for others still, it's a four-bedroom house in Bridgehampton with an ocean view.

I personally do not condone Sullivan's advices in feigning interest in sports, faking knowledge in literature that one's not familiar with, or pretending to be a domestic goddess in cooking to lure men into relationship. And money is not just a financial means, it's an attitude. The book is encouraging you to shoot for the stars. She is just giving you tips on how to be a self loving, independent, sophisticated woman who can look back on your life and say "Wow, I really had some good times".

I was stunned when she mentioned that the stamp on the thank-you note will earn you his grandmother's diamond in the future. Accepting a free drink because a man is in love with your eyes is not a gold digger. But should thereof keep you from a man that you love? If you already have your man, have a wonderful life together. But let's be frank, we all want to be financially stable. "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right"It seems to be that there is a recurring trend of women dating below what they want and sucking it up. I am just in love with the way Miss Sullivan phrases her words.

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She is by NO MEANS telling you to fake interest in your potential partner's activities. It is always important to take an honest interest in your lover's passions of life.