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Dating brass dial longcase clocks

Better movements offered something extra, but again they took more time and engineering skill to produce.

Some clocks need winding every day, but for a higher price your clock could run a week or a month or even a year between windings.

Much worse than simple deterioration is deliberate alteration.

Common longcase clocks have always outnumbered the high quality clocks, and it has long been worthwhile to "enhance" the lesser examples for an undeserved profit.

Don't let deterioration and unsympathetic repairs mask the integrity of the clock.

Provided the clock is honorable to start with-- one that hasn't been enhanced or married beyond all recovery-- then we'll invest the time and money to put it back into its original state.

It's hard to say how many were made, but the toll of the years makes their original small number even smaller, and good examples of clocks made by the early pioneers such as Tompion and Knibb commonly sell today for well over 0,000. Longcase clocks became more widely available and were less of a novelty, and ways were found to bring the cost of a clock down to meet a wider market. At the time any clock was first made, the fashion of the day determined the form and decoration of its three major components, case, dial, and movement.

Regardless of age or quality, the value of a clock as an antique is maintained or destroyed by its condition. A lot of clocks were made, and have all been around long enough that some have had horrible things happen to them.

Age more often than not brings neglect or accident-- hoods and cases get bashed, feet rot, mouldings dry out and fall off, movements are dropped or badly repaired, dial paint flakes off, and loose parts become lost in a move.

A lot can be done to turn a perfectly honest average-quality clock into something quite attractive--and expensive.

Some practices that we see often: such as fitting a rocking ship to the arch area of a dial. It is relatively easy for an experienced eye to spot a retrofit ship: the surrounding cutout of scenery and the backdrops of waves and sky are distinctive.

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