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My marriage changed the way I view men and their behavior.I missed all the signs with my ex-husband, so now I pay very close attention to the smallest things. Now, I’ve reentered the dating pool as an adult without religion telling me what I can and can’t do.

I had to decide if this was how I wanted the rest of my life to be. It was really fun to get back into the dating pool, given I hadn't been on a first date since high school!Due to California law, we were required to wait at least six months for it to finalize. Maxine: We started the separation process just before our third marriage anniversary.And two years after we separated, we were divorced.He was a second-year medical student and I was working as a medical records clerk. She was someone I wanted to start a family with and someone who I saw being the mother of my future children.Natalie: We were both Christians and grew up in the Midwest, so it was the "logical next step." Maxine: I was very much head-over-heels in love with her. Krysta: Honestly, it was more of a "next step" in life.

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You know that very scary statistic about how half of all marriages end in divorce?