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Risk factors for developing aggression after TBI include having a TBI at a young age, alcohol or substance abuse problems before or after the TBI, injury to specific parts of the brain such as the frontal and temporal lobes, and the onset of mood problems after the TBI.

Even though TBI is more common in males than in females, most research studies have not shown significant gender differences in rates of aggression.

The treatment of chronic aggression involves a combination of environmental modifications and talk and behavioral therapy.

The latter, involves assessing the antecedents to the behavior, the behavior itself, and the consequences of the behavior, also known as the ABCs of assessing behavior problems.

Indeed, people with TBI usually regret their outburst.

Aggression soon after the TBI, in the context of confusion and disorientation, is usually due to delirium.

People who have a genetic predilection for low levels of MAO-A may be more likely to be aggressive when provoked, presumably because they cannot break down some of these neurotransmitters (particularly norepinephrine and dopamine) effectively.

Aggression is hostile, harmful, or destructive behavior that can be physical or verbal and can range from irritability to physical assault.

Aggression is common after traumatic brain injury (TBI) with rates ranging from 10-30%.

After a comprehensive evaluation, the doctor will be able to choose the most appropriate medicine.

In summary, aggression after TBI can be disconcerting to all involved.

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After Lee returned home, he had emotional outbursts over trivial matters.

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